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Feedback landing page

The feedback landing page displays a preview of all feedback items received by your team in the form of small cards, from the newest submission to the oldest. Each card contains the following elements:

  • Sentiment (positive, neutral or negative)
  • Source (WIYM widget, email, WIYM interface,...)
  • Author
  • Date
  • Feedback preview
  • Feedback status
  • Tags

You can view all items at the same time, search for specific items, or choose to apply filters to fine-tune your search. Filters can be applied to:

  • Tags
  • Sentiment
  • Authors
  • Statuses
  • Sources

💡 Tips:

  • You can change sorting order from the drop down list located above the feedback cards
  • You can manually submit feedback from the "add feedback" button on the top right hand corner
  • For advanced requests, filters can be combined. 
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